Baima Duoji
Founder of Songtsam

Baima Duoji, Tibetan, the founder of Songtsam Boutique Lodges, and the Chairman of Board of Songtsam Group.

Starting in 2001, he established the first boutique lodge in Diqing, Yunnan Province – Songtsam Lvgu Lodge. During 2005 to 2011, he founded in consequence Songtsam Linka Retreat, Songtsam Benzilan Lodge, Songtsam Meili Lodge, Songtsam Cizhong Lodge, and Songtsam Tacheng Lodge. Based on these five boutique lodges and one Linka retreat, he created the innovative model of “Lodge + Tours”, the Songtsam Boutique Lodges & Tours.

In 2015, the construction of Songtsam Lhasa and Songtsam Lijiang started, together with a number of Songtsam boutique lodges along the Yunnan – Tibet Route. By 2018, the highly-expected Songtsam Yunnan-Tibet Tour will be opened to the guests. Baima Duoji has further plan of building more Songtsam lodges in east Tibet to create another Songtsam circuit tour in Tibet in 2019. And by 2020 he aims to complete mapping of Songtsam boutique lodges in Southwest Yunnan province.

【Key Facts】
- English Name : Baima Duoji
- Place of Birth : Shangri-la, Yunnan Province
- Achievement : Establishing the business model of Songtsam Boutique Lodges and Tours model
- Weibo : Songtsam Baima Duoji

1985-1990 Worked as photographer of news and documentaries for Bureau of Culture of Diqing, Yunnan Province
1991-1992 Studied in Beijing Film Academy
1993-2004 Worked as a documentary photographer and director for Overseas Center of China Central Television
2005-now Started working full-time for establishing of Songtsam Boutique Lodges and Tours

Mr. and Mrs. Horsfield
Chairman of naked Group

Grant Horsfield, Founder and Chairman of naked Group
Delphine Yip-Horsfield, Co chair of naked Group

Grand Horsfield is the Founder and Chairman of naked Group, a lifestyle business with a vision to create sanctuaries that are in harmony with the environment, where people can appreciate the simplicity of nature and embrace the naked lifestyle. the concept for the first naked resort -- naked Home -- which was launched in 2007.
naked’s signature resort – naked Stables in Moganshan, It inaugurated a new trend of discovering the natural rhythm of life in rural lodgings. Grant also received an environmental award from the Huzhou Government in 2008 for his tireless efforts in promoting eco-tourism in the rural areas which not only created jobs, but also pride for the local community.
Since 2015 the naked philosophy has expanded to learning and co-working spaces. With its innovation and unique design style, naked Hub is well known as a Chinese co-working space pioneer that is designed to help start-up’s, SME’s and MNC’s across all industries to interact, collaborate, and do business with one another while redesigning work.

Delphine Yip-Horsfield, Chairman & Chief Design Officer of naked Group, leads the naked Design Studio with masterplanning, architecture, interior design talents from all over the world. She also oversees branding and visual design for the naked Brand, which covers the three pillars of TRAVEL (naked Retreats..), WORK (naked Hub) and a space-sharing fitness platform, BULA. She is passionate about creating high quality, authentic and engaging experiences through design. She is also an avid advocate for sustainable design and led the team in achieving LEED Platinum certification for naked Stables.

Grant is living in Shanghai with his wife Delphine Yip and their two lovely daughters.

Ludong Gao
Well known architect

A former Olympic athlete, champion of Kayak and head coach of Chinese national kayaking team. He started his career as an architect in the early 90s, designed and developed widely known places such as: Hangzhou Daqing Valley, The Three Acre Field Country Club (Sanmutian Club), the famous Jizhao Nunnery in Dali and hundreds of other sensational buildings all over the country. Currently, Mr. Gao is working mainly in Dali and Qingdao City, reforming and improving the architectural environment of the suburb area.

Brian Linden
Founder of Xilinyuan

Brian is a Chicago native who began working in China as a CBS cameraman in 1985. During those two years he was involved in interviews with Chinese leaders and also found time to star in a feature length movie. He pursued graduate work at University of Illinois, Johns Hopkins and Stanford and then worked on education investment projects for 15 years before returning to China to develop Xilinyuan.

the founder of Qiansu Fund

Qiwan, the founder of the Yunzhanggui, Qiansu, and Qiansu Investment Fund, previously severing as the PD of Lenovo Group. Qiwan was in charge of the smart phone marketing, with rich experience of product planning and marketing. He set up Yunzhanggui three years ago, dedicating to enhance the hostel industry with the use of mobile Internet and cloud computing and strengthen the Internet information and online marketing. At present, the users of Yunzhanggui are over 70,000, becoming the largest management software provider nationwide as well as a big data platform. Qiansu, establishing this year, is committed to use capital and Internet innovation model to solve financing and marketing problems in the hostel industry.
Qiwan is also actively engaged in building the ecosystem of the hostel industry, he will work with partners to build an industrial chain including information servicing, online marketing, hostel operating, hostel investing, hostel community developing, hostel talent training and other areas.

Jim Spear & Tang Liang
Schoolhouse/Brickyard Founders

The Schoolhouse was established in 2005 using the buildings of the abandoned Mutianyu Primary School, turning the campus into a Western restaurant and art glass studio. Brickyard Retreat kept important elements of a countryside village by transforming an old glazed tile factory into a boutique hotel at the foot of the Great Wall.
In the past twelve years, Jim Spear has designed over 30 homes using old, empty peasant houses, The Schoolhouse, Brickyard Retreat, and agricultural projects around three villages in Bohai Township as well as planning and designs for clients elsewhere in Beijing and other areas in China.
The Schoolhouse and Brickyard hotel continue to explore sustainable tourism in the countryside by training their own management team, providing jobs to local people, integrating with the local community, and persisting with environment-friendly operating concepts. They have earned the support and appreciation of domestic and international clients.

Kaistart Vice President & JieSu CEO

As the first people who built a B&B in Mo Gan Mountain, he joins to the Kaistart platform, re-examine the development sequence of the B&B industry as the visual angle of a media professional. He take lot of B&B and their owner from backstage to the front stage.

From the crowed founding of B&B to the Elite Member Card of JieSu published,from the B&B college in MoGan mountain to the first B&B list in China,then to the cluster of B&B, he always focus on build the best service platform of B&B industry as JieSu CEO.

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